Virtual Black Friday

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Black Friday is a term we use to refer to the day after Thanksgiving, which has, in recent years, been a bargain bonanza, a coupon carnival, a sale celebration. On this day, hoards of soccer moms crowd around WalMarts, BestBuys, World Markets, and Office Depots in order to get the best deals on the gifts they are buying for Christmas. Literally thousands of women will line up in the wee hours of the morning in order to wait for the stores to open up, so they can have the first chance at various gifts they intend to by. As anyone who has been to a Rod Stewart concert knows, a crowd of soccer moms is cause for concern–people can easily be trampled in their stampedes.

If you think I’m exaggerating–please consult last year’s Black Friday. A Walmart employee was, quite literally, trampled to death. That is why many people will be taking their Black Friday shopping spree to their computers this Friday. As a result, many Internet merchants are stepping up their advertising and their bargains in order to attract a larger share of the shopping crowd.